Alon Ritter is a certified Feldenkrais teacher. Contact-Improvisation, Tango and Voice & Movement Improvisation teacher. His unique methods and approach to movement & therapy have allowed him to travel around the world, leading workshops in Germany, London, Switzerland, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and Greece to name but a few. Alon leads regular classes as well as private lessons and workshops at bespoken events and festivals.


"As a student, I have savored the teachings of Alon in the professional training “Organic Movement”, which is based on the Feldenkrais Method.
Alon has an ample knowledge and understanding of movement, body and mind. In his unique and creative way he fuses his knowledge and experience and applies them with wisdom to any relevant topic.  
Alon has a charming personality that engages individuals and groups into action. With mastery and patience he leads students to learn and comprehend, to sense and do.
Alon is very passionate and has the necessary sensitivity to tackle individual needs. Whatever boils inside him comes out as a delicious and dedicated experience". 
If I had to write one sentence about him it would be:
“Alon was born to move and to move others”.

                                                                                                          -Leyla Josef



 "Allow me please to express my sincere appreciation for the interesting insights that I acquired during our meetings.
Recent years, I got to attend workshops with other Feldenkrais practitioners groups under your directive teaching, as well as individual lessons from you in“Feldenkrais functional integration” and even one tango lesson..
Deep insights, as well as radiant personality, knowledge and sensitivity, contributed to my interest and different learning and thinking, and expanded my horizons.
Despite the age difference between us, you are presenting mature and deep insights, interesting way to explaining them and know how to act, teach and live accordingly.
I wish you best wishes to educate and develop yourself as others".

                                                                                                         - Yoram Cohen


"I am a certified Feldenkrais and yoga teacher with many years of experience. During September 2015 I attended a special workshop with Alon Ritter. The workshop dealt with improvisation, voice and movement.Alon's approach is new and exciting. It draws from the domains of Feldenkrais, yoga and music but manages to be something new and unique on its own.I have been to many mind-body workshops, but Alon's approach is unique and interesting.Alon succeeded in making us remove barriers through sound, movement and games. It was so good I would be happy to repeat it again and again".

                                                                                                                   - Teima Nahir


"Hey Ihr Lieben Interessenten, Alon hat mir vor einigen Wochen ein Treatement gegeben und meine Glieder haben sich danach so schön angefühlt, ich wollte mich gar nichr mehr bewegen. Wenn ich darüber nachdenke, kann ich mich nicht errinnern, wann ich vorher mal körperlich so entspannt geühlt. Wenn Ihr gern etwas in Eurem Körper bewegen wollt, solltet Ihr Alon Ritter treffen. PUNKT".

                                                                                                            - Benjamin Warncke


"Habe die Wirkungen des Treatments durch Alon sehr genossen.  Hochachtung und große Empfehlung!"

                                                                                                    - Helmud Fuchs Bardun


"Alon is the best Feldenkrais teacher/therapist ! and thanks to his background in Music and dance he really understand the needs of musicians and dancers and all the problems that we have from over training! As a signer I think this is a must ! to feel connected to your body which is your instrument ! if you have blocks in your body it will come out in your performance. But Alon can bring your body back to it's relax and natural position ! Well recommended!" 


                                                                                                                     - Noga Ritter

"Danke für diese tolle Session, ich habe selten eine so angenehm entspannende und vitalisierende Behandlung erlebt! Meine Beschwerden haben sich deutlich gebessert schon nach dem ersten Termin. Ich komme gerne immer wieder!"

                                                                                                                  - Ulrike Hessel